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Paid for by the Generationist Political Action Committee ---- --- Texas ID # 00068154

BurnetCountyDemocrats.Org Rejoins Local Political Network

The server issues with the”.Org” version of our organization’s domain name has been resolved.   On Wednesday the site will once again be back online as the center of our online presence.  Our well known and well liked website went under cyber attack in the last quarter of 2011. We lost the battle and the site went down in December.  We shared the previous server with fifty other clients from various areas and occupations so  the source or purpose of the online attack is not known.

Moving forward, the Burnet County Democratic Party steps into the Twenty-second Century with the utilization of the skills of internet wizard, Michael Steenbergen, MCP.  A well known ranking specialist for Democratic Party support groups, Steenbergen brings real fire power to the Democratic Party’s side in the political battle for the hearts of Hill Country Voters.

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